Working lunch with Taiwanese companies

In the framework of strengthening the acquisition and promotion of Paraguayan products, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan), Department of International Cooperation and Economic Affairs, in coordination with the Paraguayan Embassy accredited to the Taiwanese government, co-sponsored the organization of an important promotional event for our national products called "Working lunch with Taiwanese companies", during which they enjoyed the delicious Paraguayan meat, confirming why this product is so recognized in the international market.
The meeting took place at the luxurious five-star Grand Mayfull Hotel, on Wednesday, May 27, 2012, with the presence of 21 food importing companies from the island.
These companies are the main suppliers of the local market in terms of foreign products, meat importers, supermarkets, convenience stores such as seveneleven, soy importers and potential importers of other grains such as sesame, cereals, sorghum and others. They also enjoyed the traditional music and dance of our country by Paraguayan scholars.
His Excellency Ambassador Miguel Tsao, Vice Chancellor of Taiwan chaired the meeting and confirmed the potential of the Taiwan market as a destination for Paraguayan products and reiterated the commitment of the Taiwanese government and its Foreign Ministry to promote and accompany the Paraguayan export sector in the conquest from the Taiwanese market.
For his part, His Excellency Don Marcial Bobadilla, Paraguayan Ambassador to Taiwan, was in charge of presenting the Paraguayan commercial strategy towards the world market. Among the main speakers of the event, His Excellency Ambassador Alex Yui, former Taiwanese representative in Paraguay and current Director General for Latin America of the island Foreign Ministry, who through his vast experience and knowledge of Paraguay, also presented the advantages and the market niche that represents the products of that country for Taiwan.
The entrepreneurs who attended the event agreed to diligently explore the possibility of locating other Paraguayan products in the local market.