CIRCULAR No. 07/2013 - Issuance of entry visa to Paraguay


The Embassy of Paraguay in the Republic of China (Taiwan)-completes to inform that regarding the Decree Nº10.033 dated on November 9th 2012. "In which regulates the issuance of visas for the entry into the national territory", which is established the access to issue the "Arrival Visas" in the International Airport Silvio Pettirossi in Asunción, to the nationals of this country, reason by which the interested parties must present their passport to the staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and pay the established consular tariff, to enter to the Republic of Paraguay.

If you wish to apply an entry visa through this Diplomatic Representation, please present the corresponding documents according to the current established regulations, in order to proceed the admission of the visa issuance, in accordance with the chronological order by the documents delivery, and each applicant will be informed the time to receive the document.
Taipei, July 18th, 2013.

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